• Writing

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    • write about various "daily" or "general" topics (Look in the "General English" box below)
    • give your opinions as well!
    • read more and then write about the articles or books
    • give your opinions on those too!

    Remember new words BY USING THEM! Start a written class discussion in your Discussion Board!

  • General English

    Use these resources to start writing more!

    Ask your teacher nicely to check more writing smile 

    Ask your classmates nicely to read your writing and discuss this together! smile

  • Referencing Guides

    The following guides can help you acknowledge other people's work in your writing. This is also important so that you can avoid the crime of plagiarism.

    Access the resources in the "Say No! to Plagiarism" section.

    Please become familiar with the rules on plagiarism in Australia.

    The following guides are from the UNSW Learning Centre.

  • Say NO! to Plagiarism

    Plagiarism = using someone else's ideas as if they were your ideas. It's a kind of stealing.

    • a serious problem for all students
    • has serious consequences, such as FAILING a course or even BEING EXPELLED from university
    • particularly difficult area for international students
    • learn about plagiarism in the below links (there are also exercises!)
    • If you need more help, ask your teachers or ask the teacher in the LSU
    • Also look in the section - "Referencing Guides"
  • Academic Writing

    The UNSW Learning Centre has help on the steps involved in understanding, planning, writing and checking a writing assignment. Other universities can also provide some good advice.

  • How to Research

    This box contains useful links and instructions on how to get the most from your internet searches. If you are intending to study at university in Australia, this will be a necessary skill and the sooner you start practising, the better you will be at locating good quality resources in a short time.

  • Punctuation

  • Analyse Your Writing / Typing

    This section has some useful tools and suggestions for you to use to help you analyse your writing and to help you improve your typing.