Moodle: Student Terms of Use Agreement

This agreement outlines aspects of the use of Moodle.

Appropriate Use of Moodle.

Students are expected to adhere to the Acceptable Use of UNSW College IT Resources Policy which is provided at IT student Induction sessions.

In relation to the use of Moodle the following conditions of participation are expected of all participants. Students should understand that access to Moodle can be denied if a student fails to adhere to these conditions.

I agree that I WILL:

  1. Observe all copyright laws, including those related to computer software;
  2. Respect the intellectual property rights of the materials available on Moodle and only use them for the intended educational purposes;
  3. Respect the rights and privacy of other users;
  4. Be courteous in my communications with others on Moodle;
  5. Ensure that my communications match the purposes outlined for the selected activity;
  6. Report any obscene or offensive material I encounter; and
  7. Observe all the guidelines as specified by UNSW College Education.

I also agree that I WILL NOT:

  • Attempt to retrieve, view or disseminate any obscene, offensive, pornographic or illegal material;
  • Threaten or abuse any other user;
  • Send offensive, racist or sexist messages;
  • Clog the system with large numbers of messages;
  • Misrepresent or bring into disrepute UNSW College Education, in any way whatsoever;
  • Allow anyone else to use my account or give my password to anyone else;
  • Use another student's account or tamper with another student's account in any way;
  • Hinder the educational use of Moodle by another student;
  • Use my account for business purposes or for financial gain;
  • Intentionally waste limited resources;
  • Use my account for political purposes; or
  • Tamper with Moodle in any way.