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    Welcome to the UNSW Business School! 

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  • Welcometo

    We have put together a short interactive module for you as an introduction to the UNSW Business School.

    You'll find out some key information on what to expect during O-Week (spoiler alert - a tonne of fun!) and other important information you need to know as you get started at uni. 

    To get started, please click on the 'Orientation' link below. 

    Time: 15 mins

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    Your next step is to complete the Career Accelerator: Essentials modules on: 

    • Communication 
    • Self-Management 
    • Teamwork 
    • Planning & Organising 

    These four modules focus on essential professional skills which will assist you in both your university education and future career. 

    To start this module, please click on CA: Essentials and login using the student self-enrolment key: Career_Accelerator

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